Red Kite - Smart Launchpad with AI implementation and DeFi focus

Bundled with unparalleled features, Red Kite promises to give investors a new and surprising experience of an ordered and assured token sale process. Two of the notable reasons why solid projects failed were ‘poor marketing’ and ‘lack of investors’ interest’ due to fear of scams. Red Kite launchpad solves both of these problems by offering new ways to raise capital:

  • Red Kite is supported by a network of tier-1 marketing partners, top influencers, and communities to help the project soars.

  • The crypto projects go through a robust vetting process, and they’re hand-picked to protect investors’ interests.

Red Kite provides a safer platform for investors, allowing them to gain early access to vetted token sales at a lower price before they hit the market.

Red Kite uses the platform’s native PKF as a utility token. The investors can hold PKF tokens to join the Red Kite platform and participate in the token sale rounds for hand-picked and vetted crypto projects.

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