How to join IDO Pools

Here are 4 steps for you to start to join IDOs on Red Kite.


You must stake PKF to achieve a Red Kite tier (Dove, Hawk, Eagle, Phoenix).

  • Find out more about Red Kite Tier HERE

After staking successfully, you can check your achieved tier in one of the following ways:

(1) Click My Account menu > Click My Tier

(2) Check your tier on the header of the screen


To be eligible for the IDO Pool’s Whitelist, you must complete the KYC and be approved. Please follow these steps to complete the KYC.

  1. Go to “My Account” > “My Profile”. You can check that your KYC status is temporarily “Unverified”.

2. Click on the “KYC NOW” button.

3. You will be directed to the Icetea Labs KYC on Blockpass.

4. Complete the KYC process on Blockpass and wait for your KYC profile to be approved.

Once your KYC profile is approved, your KYC status will be changed to “Verified”. You are now qualified to apply for the IDO Pools’ whitelists on Red Kite.


You can apply for the pool’s whitelist when the whitelist period is open. Follow the steps below to submit your application.

1. Select the pool that you want to apply for the whitelist.

Note: The “Apply Whitelist” button is disabled if the whitelist application period is not yet open. You can check the application period in the timeline area in the "Upcoming" area on the left of the screen.

2. Click “Apply Whitelist” button and the apply whitelist popup will appear.

3. Enter your Twitter ID, and Telegram ID and fulfill all the social requirements.

  • The requirements to join the whitelist are different for each pool and are decided by the project team.

  • The social requirements are only mandatory for Dove and Hawk tier users.

  • Please input your ID on Twitter and Telegram like the following example.

  • Your Twitter is -> Please input @redkitepad into Your Twitter Account.

  • Your Telegram is -> Please input @redkite_en in Your Telegram Account.

4. Click the "Submit" button. You will be asked to confirm on your wallet.

5. Click the "Sign" on your wallet to confirm.

After submitting the whitelist, you can check the status as “Applied Whitelist” and the date when the allocation results will be announced on the left side of the screen.

You have already completed all the steps necessary to apply for IDO's Red Kite pools. All that remains is to wait for the allocation to be announced.


You can check the allocation result of the pool for which you applied using one of the ways listed below.

METHOD 1: Check allocation in the pool details

  1. Go to the pool dashboard > Search for and open the pool for which you applied the whitelist.

2. Go to the “Winner” tab or the “Whitelist” section on the left side of the screen to check your allocation.

  • WIN WHITELIST: Your allocation is guaranteed. You can swap tokens in Phase 1 (Guaranteed Phase) when it reaches the swap start time.

NOT WIN WHITELIST: You do not win a guaranteed allocation. However, you can join FCFS Phase (Phase 2) if there is any token left from Phase 1 (Guaranteed Phase).

METHOD 2: Check allocation in the “My Pool” menu.

  1. Select “My Account” > “My Pool

2. Check your status and allocation in the “Status”’ and “Allocation” columns.

To swap tokens, please wait until the token swap phase begins. More information on how to swap tokens in the IDO pool can be found HERE.

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