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In the “My Profile” menu, you can: (1) KYC; (2) Edit Profile and (3) Connect sub-wallets.

1. KYC

To be eligible for the IDO Pool’s Whitelist, you must complete the KYC and be approved. You can check that your KYC status is temporarily “Unverified”.

Prior to KYC, you must first stake to reach Red Kite Tier. More information on how to stake can be found here. After you've staked and reached Red Kite Tier, the KYC button will appear.

(1) Click on the “KYC NOW” button.

(2) You will be directed to the Icetea Labs KYC on Blockpass.

(3) Complete the KYC process on Blockpass and wait for your KYC profile to be approved.

(4) Once your KYC profile is approved, your KYC status will be changed to “Verified”. You are now qualified to apply for the IDO Pools’ whitelists on Red Kite.

2. Edit Profile

Click the “Edit Profile” button on the upper right corner to update your Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Enter or update your Twitter and Telegram account then click “Update Profile” to save your latest information.

  • You do not need to enter the “@” symbol in front of your Twitter and Telegram account name.

  • The accounts you have updated in the “My Profile” menu will be used every time you join the IDO pool whitelist on Red Kite. For Dove and Hawk tiers, the system will verify the social requirements requested by each pool with your entered accounts. Therefore, make sure to enter your accounts correctly.

  • You will see the message "Your profile has been successfully updated" in the header after updating your latest information.

3. Connect sub-wallets

Your wallets linked to Red Kite are listed in the “Wallet Addresses” area.

  • Main Wallet Address: This is your primary wallet address for staking, KYC and applying for the pool whitelists.

  • The sub-wallet addresses (Solana and Terra): The sub-wallet will be used when you apply for whitelists of IDO pools based on Solana and Terra networks. You will participate in the IDO Pools by using your main wallet address, and your tokens will be sent to your Solana or Terra Address that you connected.

To connect (disconnect) your wallet address, please:

  1. Click the "Edit Profile" button on the upper right corner of the screen. Click "Sign" from the signature request received on your wallet to edit your profile.

2. Click "Connect" to connect the sub-wallet addresses. You will be asked to confirm your wallet on the website. To connect your wallet, click "Sign" on the wallet.

3. Click the "Update Profile" button then "Approved" on your wallet to save your connected wallet addresses.

You have successfully added your sub-wallet addresses on the Red Kite launchpad.

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