How to claim tokens

Once the pool swap time is over, you will be able to claim your tokens. Open the pool details and navigate to the “Claim” tab:

1. Claim Type: How you receive your purchased tokens.

  • Claim on Red Kite: You claim your purchased tokens via Red Kite Official Website.

  • Airdrop to participants’ wallets: The tokens will be airdropped straight to the wallet you used to swap tokens.

  • Claim a part of tokens on Red Kite: You can claim a portion of your tokens on Red Kite, and the rest will be claimed via the project website or vesting portal.

  • Claim on the project website: Instead of the Red Kite website, 100% of tokens are claimed on the project website.

2. Vesting Schedule: The unlock schedule of tokens, which is determined by the project team.

3. Total Bought Tokens: The total number of tokens that you have purchased.

4. Have Bought: Your spent allocation

5. You have claimed: The number of tokens that you have claimed / The total number of tokens that you have purchased.

6. Schedule: The date and time of each claim tranche, as well as the percentage, token number, and claim instruction, can be seen here.

7.Claim” button: Click the “Claim Tokens” button to claim. The button will be enabled when it reaches the token claim time.

  • Confirm the transaction on your wallet and you will get your tokens in your wallet shortly thereafter. (You must first add the official smart contract of the token to your wallet.)

  • When claiming tokens, make sure you have enough money in your wallet to cover the gas fee.

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